One Fine Afternoon

“I’m glad you’re still here with me.”

That beautiful face smiled to me. Her eyes captured mine, as beautiful as the first time they did it, and I never tried to escape ever since.

“I am the one who’s lucky to be here with you,” she replied. I smiled back to her. Our journeys crafted beautifully on her face, all happy times, all hardships. I could see a stream under her left eye when I unintentionally yelled to her in frustration after the company fired me. The economy was so bad back then. What she did after that was just hugging me in silence. We ended up crying the night together but knew everything would be just fine since we had each other. I also saw
happiness streamed down her right eye when she saw our first born. He
was a lovely baby boy, he left us speechless in awe. And her lips, I remembered when we once talked about the first time I kissed her. That was awkward – the kiss – to be honest. She was so wonderful that night and I was so damn nervous. When I was trying to explain what I felt at the time
(and defense my dignity), she kissed me gently and said she loves my awkwardness. She didn’t need any further explanation.

“I always miss you.”
“Even if I’m always here with you?” she put her hand on my chest.
She laughed. I could never forget that laugh, a melodious laugh, the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard after her heartbeats.
“You’re funny, J.”
“Nope. I’m just in love.”
She laughed again. And I thanked God for blessing me with this beauty. It looked like the time was not succeeding in its attempts to touch her. It was many years ago, I recalled.

“You look as beautiful as the last night I saw you, Darling.”
“Do I?”
“Yep. Is it okay for this beautiful lady to walk beside this old wrinkly man?”
“Hey.. It’s just the skin. We will leave it behind, anyway. I always love you, Gentleman. Nothing’s changed.”

I looked at her starry eyes. Oh, there would never be enough words in this world to describe how much I love her.

“Is it hurt, Darling?”

She looked back at me and smiled. Her face implied understanding, glowed with peacefulness. She touched my head softly, her fingers played with my grey hair.

“No, J. In fact, it’s relieving.”
I nodded.
“Shall we go now, Baby? It’s the time.”

I sighed. The fact that I will be with her for the rest of my time defeated all fears. I could face anything as long as I am with her.
“And where are we heading to?”
“Into the light, Sweetheart.” She held my hand. Her hand was so soft
and warm. I put my fingers between hers. It fitted fine like the old
time. I kissed the back of her hand. She gave a quick kiss on my
cheek. Our laughs burst.

“So, how’s your life there? Oh, can I call it a life?”

The heart monitor machine beeped in desperation as we approached the
light in completeness.

October 2014


Stasiun di Sebelas Pagi

Kau merah di bawah cahaya
Dunia sebelumnya diberikan warna
dan biru langit ditempatkan di dalam dada
Apakah kau atau yang telah tumbuh itu yang mengisap habis keberanian
hingga kini aku padam di bawah temaram?

Nyali adalah nyala yang tak pernah kumiliki
Berlari hanyalah alasan untuk berdiri lebih tinggi
Namun kita semua pada akhirnya sepakat,
setiap yang tak jatuh, tak layak mendapatkan hati

Di jeda lima detik sebelum berpisah
Kutinggalkan sekeping harap di bangku stasiun
Sebab lengan-lenganku tak cukup lapang ‘tuk ramai kepalamu
dan dadamu telah kehabisan ruang buatku

Selanjutnya kita menghilang dalam kereta yang bersimpangan
Harapan tersesat, terlupakan.

Oktober 2014